What Is BBE Technology?

- Jun 20, 2018-

After the BBE is called music, the BBE trademark is a symbol of superb quality in the audio industry. The BBE technology can restore more realistic sound quality on ordinary electronic equipment, that is, offset by the audio signal in the circuit. To make the processed sound quality more clear. After the Korean Audio brand was formally introduced into the Chinese market at the end of 2004, it occupied the market advantage with the BBE technology and adopted the main MP3 product of the technology. Similarly, the BBE sound effect used by iAudio is not all of the BBE. Among them are BBE, BBE Mach3Bass, and BBE MP.

The BBE system has two basic functions, one of which is to adjust the relationship between low, medium, and high frequency phases. The second function is to enhance the high frequency and low frequency signals. In addition, BBE also has a squelch function. Noise gates and high-cut filters are provided inside the BBE circuit to attenuate the input spurious signals.

The BBE Mach3Bass electronically expands the bass response of a particular loudspeaker and precisely adjusts the required low frequency limits. With the help of the world-famous BBE processing phase error correction technology, the BBE Mach3Bass provides deeper, denser and more accurate bass frequencies than standard bass boosts. BBE Mach3Bass does not affect the mid-to-low-range sound, otherwise it will produce turbidity in the low-mid range and change the character's voice.

BBE MP (Minimize Multiple Nonlinear Saturation) technology recovers and enhances harmonic loss through digital compression, thereby improving digitally compressed audio (such as MP3) audio. BBE MP restores sound from the original source, effectively restoring the warmth, exquisiteness, and nuance of the sound. The BBE MP increases sound levels by an average of 3 dB while keeping the peaks from swinging. Since the sound output is 3 dB higher, the SNR is correspondingly improved.

Through the comparison of the above technical description, we can find that although they can all increase the bass, the actual impact of the two on the music is completely different. The change that the SRS WOW brings to the music is in the sense of space, which means that the sound range is larger. While the BBE increased the clarity of the sound, the intensity of the entire sound field went up a step. For example, iAudio I5, the mysterious iAudio U3 (roughly 512M price is more than ¥1,500) is of course very expensive, close to the level of ¥1,000 so that the general consumer groups cannot catch up.



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