What Is Bass-Reflex Enclosure?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Bass-Reflex Enclosure was invented by Thuras in 1930. In its load, there is a sound outlet opening on one panel of the cabinet. There are various positions and shapes of the opening, but most of them are also equipped with a sound conduit professional speaker. The basic use of the basic speaker is introduced. The relationship between the inner volume of the cabinet and the sound conduit hole, according to the principle of resonance, produces resonance at a specific frequency, which is called the anti-resonance frequency. The sound wave radiated by the backward radiation of the speaker is inverted by the duct, radiated to the front by the sound outlet, and is integrated with the forward radiated sound wave of the speaker, which can provide a wider bandwidth than the closed type, and has higher sensitivity and smaller Distortion. Ideally, the lower limit of the low frequency playback frequency can be as much as 20% lower than the speaker resonance frequency. This kind of speaker can reproduce rich bass with a small box, which is the most widely used type.



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