What Is Bank Select?

- Jul 25, 2018-

The MIDI signal is in units of one byte (Byte), and one byte can represent a number from 0 to 127. MIDI uses the one-byte message of Program Change to specify the tone. That is to say, this message can only specify 128 voices, because a byte can only express 0~127.

However, the sounds built into the current audio source and synthesizers are definitely more than 128. The program change is not enough to select all the sounds. Therefore, you must add Bank Select also known as group selection message.

For example, the preset sounds in the XV-5080 are divided into A~H banks, and each bank has 128 voices, so when you want to specify a voice from a certain group from a sequencer or computer, You must first give the corresponding Bank Select message to the group, and then give the Program Change message. If you want to specify the tone of A-054, you must first send the group selection code of group A, and then send the signal of Program Change 54 to XV-5080.

The Bank Select message is a combination of two bytes that can represent numbers from 0 to 16383. With Program Change, you can express more than 2 million digits in total. In other words, future sources and synthesizers even if there are more built-in tones; they can be specified by Bank Select and Program Change messages.



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