What Is Back-EMF?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Back EMF is also called "anti-voltage". This is a phenomenon that often occurs in full-motion electromagnetic systems. Specific to the audio field, it is usually associated with the working principle of the speaker. It is specifically used to describe that after the transmission of the sound signal stops, the speaker cone continues to move under the inertia, causing the voice coil to continue to move in the magnetic field. This allows the system to generate this physical phenomenon that can return the horn wire to the subsequent voltage at the output of the power amplifier. If this "back EMF" phenomenon is too serious, it may cause the speaker cone to move abnormally, which will adversely affect the overall sound effect. The best way to reduce or prevent this "back EMF" is to set the speaker's reverse resistance to "0" ohms, that is, a complete short circuit, or the impedance of the amplifier's output port is as close as possible to zero.



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