What Is Aux?

- Jul 25, 2018-

This is the abbreviation for "Auxiliary", which is an additional signal line design. In general audio equipment, in addition to the official output and input terminals, there are often several output terminals labeled "Aux" as a backup terminal. This type of terminal can be used when you have a special application, such as for additional sound output or input. This kind of preparatory terminal or line, regardless of the input and output, is collectively referred to as Aux.

Take a mixer as an example, it will combine the input audio and then send it together from the main output channel; however, the output line of the mixer will generally not only have the main output channel, in order to be more flexible Applications, for example, want the sound to be processed by an external effector, or in addition to the main speaker, the sound needs to be sent to another monitor speaker, so the mixer usually has an Aux output terminal.

In addition, the home audio is taken as an example: its preamplifier usually has several input terminals and has been marked to which machine to connect to - such as CD, tape, tuner....etc. In the middle, there are usually 1 to 2 pairs of Aux input terminals. For example, when you want to use two CDs, one of them can be directly connected to the input labeled "CD", and the other one pair of Aux terminals can be used.

In the mixer, additional lines are needed to direct the audio signal to these additional output terminals. Such a line can be called Aux; or these additional output terminals are also referred to as Aux.

With the Aux line, you can plan a more complex PA or recording system. For example, in addition to the main speakers, you can only transfer the sound of a certain track to a specific monitor speaker.

Generally, the signal level of the Aux output terminal is a Line Level.



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