What Is Audio Jumper?

- Jun 11, 2018-

Audio jumpers are jumpers for audio. Jumpers are small switches that control the flow of current on the board. Its role is to adjust the on and off relations of different electrical signals on the equipment, and to adjust the working status of the equipment, such as determining the motherboard voltage, the master-slave relationship of the driver and so on. The jumper basically consists of two parts, one part is fixed on the main board, hard disk and other equipment, and is composed of two or more metal jumpers; the other part is a jumper cap, which is a movable part. The layer is insulated plastic, the inner layer is conductive material, can be inserted in the jumper pin, the two jumper pin connected When the jumper cap buckle on the two jumper pin is on, there is current through, we It is called ON; otherwise it is disconnected when the jumper cap is not buckled, and it is called OFF.



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