What Is Audio Bit Rate?

- Jan 18, 2019-

  A common understanding is the sampling rate (in kbps or thousands of bits per second). The higher the sampling rate per unit time, the higher the accuracy. The closer the processed file is to the original file, but the file size is proportional to the sampling rate. So, almost all encoding formats pay attention to how to achieve the least distortion with the lowest bit rate. The cbr (constant bit rate) and vbr (variable bit rate) derived from this core are all done in this respect. But things are not absolute, from the audio point of view, the higher the code rate, the smaller the compression ratio, the smaller the sound quality loss, the closer the sound quality to the sound source. The bit rate directly affects the sound quality, the bit rate is high, the sound quality is good, and the bit rate is poor. Commonly used bit rate is 128K, 160K, 320K.

  Common understanding: the raw data files obtained by hardware sampling are compressed by some algorithm to achieve the purpose of reducing the file (similar to compression software).


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