What Is Audio Analyzer?

- Jun 12, 2018-

The audio analyzer mentioned here refers to an analytical instrument that can measure various electro-acoustic parameters of a single audio device such as a microphone, an audio amplifier, and a speaker, as well as the overall performance of a combined audio device such as a combo and a mixing console. . There are various types of analytical instruments available for measuring audio equipment on the market today, such as distortion analyzers, spectrum analyzers, frequency counters, AC voltmeters, DC voltmeters, and audio oscilloscopes. These rack-based hardware instruments based on various functional circuits are simple to use and have high measurement accuracy, and have been widely used at present. Audio equipment manufacturers can use audio analyzers to inspect the performance of equipment to identify defects and improve equipment design and manufacturing. Consumers can also use audio analyzers to evaluate equipment and select the right product.

In the case of a component sound system, the term “timbre” is often used to evaluate its performance. The so-called timbre is the sound difference caused by the different harmonics of the sound. The so-called "balance sense" of the sound refers to the degree of sound that the sound is reproduced in the entire frequency band and sounds natural. The function of the audio analysis instrument is to represent various industrial terminology of the evaluation equipment in various quantized characteristic parameters. The characteristic parameter corresponding to “timbre” is the measurement of harmonic distortion, and the “balance sense” refers to the entire device’s distribution of the frequency response within the audio range.



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