What Is Arpeggiator?

- Jul 25, 2018-

This is a function of the MIDI Sequencer. You can create a series of melody or rhythm according to the predetermined type by simply pressing the keys or buttons.

In the early synthesizer with built-in automatic vocal function, the vocal function was to produce a rhythm change with the notes played. The general application is to play a chord and hold it down, letting these chords produce an up, down, or random arpeggio. You can decide the speed of the arpeggio.

Nowadays, the automatic voice function, like built-in in the XP series synthesizer, provides a more unique and more styled arpeggio style, some tricks that are difficult to play with the keyboard, such as the guitar brush string and the harp. You can use the automatic voice function to help you generate and enhance your chances of playing.



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