What Is Antenna Radiation Pattern?

- Nov 01, 2018-

In a complete antenna product specification, the antenna field type is indispensable. It helps the user to understand the angle and direction of the antenna at the minimum value of the gain (Null) and the main beam. The antenna field pattern contains the vertical radiation surface. Vertical pattern and horizontal pattern provide important reference indicators when the device antenna is used.

The difference between omni-directional and directional antennas is that the standard omnidirectional antenna has a receiving angle of 360 degrees. The angle of the antenna device does not need to be adjusted. The directional antenna is based on the 3 dB beamwidth. That is, the range and directionality of the antenna gain attenuated by 3 dB from the maximum value, and the user can choose according to the application environment, for example, when there is no specific direction between the microphone and the receiver, and when the environment is used in a close range, An omnidirectional antenna can be selected; for use on a professional stage at a long distance or in a specific direction, a directional antenna is usually selected to obtain better received signal quality and to avoid interference signals in other directions.



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