What Is Antenna Polarization?

- Nov 01, 2018-

In practical use, polarization is a characteristic that is easily ignored by users. According to its electric field distribution ratio, it can be roughly divided into linear polarization and circular polarization. Linear polarization can be divided into vertical or different depending on the device mode. It is horizontally polarized, and the circular polarization depends on the direction in which the electric field rotates, presenting a right-hand circle or a left-hand circular polarization.

Generally, most common antennas are linear polarizations, such as single-pole antennas and coaxial antennas. Circularly-polarized antennas require special structural design, which actually obtains the characteristics of approximately elliptical polarization between the receiving and transmitting antennas. The polarization relationship directly affects the quality of the received signal. If the antenna of the wireless microphone receiver is fixed to vertical polarization, and the transmitter is horizontally polarized due to the user's swing, the receiver signal will be extremely large at this moment. The fading causes the quality of the received signal to be unstable. Especially when the environment is used, the amplitude of the signal will be larger, and finally the intermittent sound is broken. If a circularly polarized antenna is used, the vertical or horizontal polarization is the signal can be stably received, and this phenomenon can be effectively avoided, so that the signal does not greatly decline in an instant.



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