What Is Anechoic Chamber?

- Jul 02, 2018-

The anechoic chamber is a room with an interface sound absorption coefficient close to 1 and a volume equivalent to infinity. After the sound hits the floor, wall, and top surface of the anechoic chamber, there is no reflection phenomenon, and the sound is completely absorbed, in order to obtain the maximum sound absorption. Coefficient, room interface are used sound-absorbing tip structure and strong sound-absorbing material. The anechoic chamber is a double-storey building structure. Metal meshes are installed at a certain height on the indoor space. Since the surface of the metal mesh is small and non-smooth, the reflection of the sound is minimal and can be ignored. Generally, it is acoustic teaching, scientific research and acoustic experiments on the metal mesh.

In the anechoic room can accurately test the electro-acoustic unit (such as microphones, speakers and speakers) technical parameters and acoustic characteristics, according to the measurement results can be drawn out of the device's directional characteristics and frequency response curve, to obtain the maximum sound pressure level and sensitivity And other indicators, it is of great significance to the measurement of product performance indicators of audio equipment.



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