What Is An Audio Amplification System?

- Oct 16, 2018-

The audio amplification system completes the audio production in the collected audio signal, and the output sound signal uniformly covers the audience on the spot, and simultaneously records and distributes the program.

Audio amplification systems include mixers, audio processing equipment, microphones, power amplifiers, and speakers. After the electric signal output from the sound source such as the microphone and the playback device is processed by the mixer for amplification, modification, mixing, distribution, etc., it is further processed by the external audio processing device, sent to the power amplifier for signal amplification, and then covered by the speaker. The audio scene gets a uniform and clear sound effect, giving the audience an excellent feeling.

The audio field production system is complicated in operation, requires relatively long-term debugging, running-in and test, simulates emergency situations in various bad situations, finds and corrects acoustic defects, and tests the ultimate working capacity of the equipment.

When performing audio production in the field, sometimes more wireless microphones are used for the effects of the performance and the need for scene change.

After the signals picked up by the various microphones are amplified by the mixer, they can be appropriately modified to compensate for the frequency defects and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. Some important signals, such as vocals, drums, bass, color instruments, etc., can be processed individually by audio processing equipment to achieve the desired artistic effect. Each processed signal is mixed with other signals, and outputted in an appropriate ratio and sound image. The output signal is processed by an audio processing device such as an equalizer, a frequency divider, and a feedback suppressor, and then amplified by a power amplifier. The speaker is amplified.



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