What Is Amplifier?

- Jun 21, 2018-

The amplifier is an electronic circuit with the function of amplifying the electrical signal. The active component is used to control the change of the output current of the power supply under the effect of the input signal to achieve amplification. Many types, according to the amplification element can be divided into transistors, field effect transistors, tubes, integrated circuits and parametric amplifiers; according to the basic functions of the circuit can be divided into voltage, current, power, frequency selection and operational amplifier; according to the operating frequency can be divided into DC, Low-frequency, intermediate-frequency, high-frequency and radio frequency amplifiers; according to the working status can be divided into Class A, B and C amplifiers; according to the coupling can be divided into direct coupling, transformer coupling, RC coupling amplifier; according to the output mode, it may be Single-ended output, push-pull, OTL, OCL, BTL amplifiers, etc. The main technical parameters are voltage amplification, input impedance, output impedance, operating frequency, amplitude-frequency characteristics, nonlinear distortion and so on. The design determines the circuit form and number of stages based on the operating frequency and magnification.



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