What Is AES Power?

- Sep 12, 2018-

The standard of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) is to put the speaker into the box, connect the power amplifier with a pink noise signal (6dB peak factor), and then send it to the speaker, amplifier output (speaker). The input terminal is connected to the millivolt meter. According to the nominal power of the speaker, calculate the voltage value of the speaker when the full power is used (for example, the speaker with 8 ohms and 400W nominal power, the voltage at both ends is 56.57 volts at full power). Gradually increase the input signal. When the millivoltmeter reading is equal to the rated input voltage of the speaker, keep this state for 2 hours, then take the horn to test the indicators and the difference before the test is less than 10%. The nominal power is in line with the AES power standard. This power is called "rated input power (AES)" or "continuous pink noise power (AES)." Currently AES power is used by most manufacturers.



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