What Is AC-3 Decoder?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The AC-3 decoder is a surround sound decoder capable of deciphering AC-3 encoding. It is divided into pure AC-3 decoding and Dolby Pro Logic Surround, AC-3 decoding compatible THX and Dolby Pro Logic Surround. The latter two are equipped with an AV interface, which can be connected with multiple audio/video signal inputs, and the master volume can be adjusted to facilitate the use. The pure AC-3 decoding is to demodulate the data stream from the digital compact disc. The input port on the rear panel of the machine is AC-3RF RF data stream, digital optical cable and coaxial signal, and the output is only 5.1 channels in front of left, right, and center. The 6 terminals, home, surround, and super bass output, have no AV connector or volume, and must work with other AV amplifiers to work properly.



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