What Is AB Standard Stereo?

- Jun 20, 2018-

AB standard stereo is one of the stereo pickup methods. The two microphones with the same sensitivity and directivity (common cardioid directivity) are approximately 1.5 to 2 meters apart (also reduced to 0.5 meters). Width placed in front of the sound source, and then output to the left and right, respectively. The advantage is simple and easy, the sound picked up is full of natural sense, and the time difference is the main method of pickup, and the existence of time difference can reflect the early reflexes of more concert halls. The scene feels good and is suitable for recording classical symphonies. The downside is that if the two words are separated by a long distance, there will be intermediate hollow phenomena and depressions during listening. If a source moves horizontally, it will feel faster and have a sense of jumping. When it is serious, it will cause the sound image to be distributed. Near the left and right speakers, the frequency response of the output signal is the characteristic shape of the comb filter, making the sound unpleasant.



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