What Is A Wireless Invisible Headset?

- Nov 07, 2018-

The wireless invisible earphone is an inductive receiver with the best design of the human body contour. It is part of the whole set of invisible receiving devices. It needs to be used with the sensing module, microphone, PTT button and a set of concealed radio equipment. In the ear canal, other accessories are attached to or fixed in the user's outer jacket and are widely used in the global police security guards, investigators, counter-terrorism departments and other teams. The products use high-tech technology to provide certain protection for the user's personal safety, and Enhance the combat capability of police officers and teams for criminal investigation, technical investigation, economic investigation, anti-drug, anti-smuggling, political protection, national security, anti-corruption, anti-terrorism, anti-evil and other departments, as well as on-site negotiations, interrogation rooms, gaming, television broadcasts. The working principle: the receiving device driven by electromagnetic induction, and the supporting driving device equipped with the same, such as walkie-talkie, mobile phone, radio, repeater, language trainer and other audio amplification equipment.



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