What Is A Wireless Home Theater?

- Oct 16, 2018-

The wireless home theater is based on wired home theater, using wireless technology. Wireless technology is also divided into multiple types, which are distinguished by the type of wireless signal. The current wireless signals mainly include FM wireless technology, infrared wireless technology and Bluetooth. A home theater using wireless technology must install a wireless transmitting and receiving device, transmit it through a wireless device, and rely on a wireless mailbox having a signal receiving function to separate the audio signal after receiving the signal, and amplify the audio signal to push the speaker to make a sound. Infrared wireless technology must not have obstacles in the process of use, and should be aligned, not too far away. The Bluetooth technology has low energy consumption, and the durability and ease of use are also stronger. If the home is connected to the home, the advantage is relatively large, but the Bluetooth technology is interfered by the frequency, and the cost of the product is relatively high.



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