What Is A Wave Table?

- Nov 09, 2018-

The wave table means "waveform table". In fact, it records all the sounds (including the various ranges and tones) that can be produced by various real instruments and stores them as a wavetable file. The instrument sound information of the general wavetable is recorded with the accuracy of 44.1KHz and 16Bit, so that the most realistic playback effect can be achieved. For a wavetable sound card or wavetable software, the indicators for measuring its performance are mainly as follows. The first is the wave table library capacity. Because the wave table synthesis technology records the sound samples of real instruments and then synthesizes them, the larger the wave table is, the more realistic the sound samples are, and the better the effect. The wave table library of professional MIDI devices can be up to 32MB or more. Today's PCI sound cards generally provide a 2MB wavetable library, preferably 4MB. As far as the sense of hearing is concerned, the effect that the 4MB sound library can achieve is quite good. Although there is a gap with professional equipment, it is enough for ordinary users. In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, various software wave meters have emerged, and there is a great potential to replace the hard wave table.



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