What Is A MIDI File?

- Jul 03, 2018-

A MIDI file is a standard file format for storing MIDI messages. The MIDI file contains notes, timing, and performance definitions for up to 16 channels. The file includes the performance note information for each channel: key channel number, length, volume, and velocity (the speed at which the key reaches the lowest position when the key is pressed). Since MIDI files are a series of instructions, not waveforms, it requires very little disk space; and now loading MIDI files is much easier than waveform files. In this way, when designing a multimedia program, we can specify when to play music, which will have a lot of flexibility. In the following cases, using MIDI files is more suitable than using waveform audio: you need to play long-term high-quality music, such as music stored on the hard disk is more than 4 minutes, and the hard disk does not have enough storage capacity; you need to make music The background sound effect, at the same time loading other data from the CD-ROM, such as the display of images and texts; it is necessary to use the music as the background sound effect, and simultaneously play the waveform audio or realize the conversion of the text to realize the simultaneous output of music and voice.



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