What Is a DJ Mixer?

- Jul 31, 2018-

The professional Disco room is often equipped with a mixer for DJ to process music. What is a mixer? What features does it have?

A mixer is a device that performs artistic processing, sampling, and mixing before a sound signal enters the mixer. It is a common device for DJs. It is used in conjunction with a disc machine to fully utilize DJ's skills.

The mixer has the following features:

(1) It is possible to switch or mix between signals of any two channels.

(2) DJ can add his own singing into the music through the microphone at any time, which stimulates the passion of the dancing crowd.

(3) The sound of each input channel can be sent to the effect machine for effect processing, and the effect sound size can be adjusted.

(4) Each input channel can be mixed and the mixing ratio can be adjusted.

(5) Some rhythm or drum music can be sampled, and the sampled signal can be mixed into the played music at any time.

(6) There is total output of left and right channels, the left and right channels have equalization compensation, and the balance ratio is adjustable.

(7) With the headphone monitor button, the DJ can monitor the input status of each channel and the sampling and mixed output at any time.



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