What Is A-B Stereo?

- Apr 25, 2019-

A-B stereo, sometimes called "time delay stereo." Refers to a microphone recording technique that uses two omnidirectional microphones with a certain distance between them to capture the same stereo image. Because in this recording mode, the distance between the microphones will bring time delay and phase difference to the audio signal, and the human ear's auditory system can just space the sound source according to these different levels of sound signals. Positioning, and finally forming a stereo image of the signal field in the brain, giving the listener a strong sense of stereo space, thus, in the case of a microphone far from the source, this "omnidirectional microphone + AB stereo The combination of recordings is usually the preferred solution for sound engineers. The reason for using the omnidirectional microphone is mainly because it can accurately and accurately capture the low frequency part of the sound source regardless of the distance from the sound source. In contrast, directional microphones are not only susceptible to proximity effects, but also tend to lose low frequency response when they are far from the source.



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