What If the Microphone Has No Sound?

- Sep 05, 2018-

Reasons and solutions for the lack of sound in the computer microphone:

1. No microphone signal cable is plugged into the computer interface.

Many of my friends use computers and like to plug in audio cables, so we can listen to music, watch movies, etc., but video chat with the other party, the microphone is no sound, so it happens, you can hear the other party, the other party can’t hear the situation arises when you speak.

Solution: Just insert the microphone interface into the computer microphone interface. If it still doesn't work, please check if the microphone and microphone audio cables are bad.

2. The microphone is not turned on in the audio settings.

In general, the microphone function is enabled by default, but it may be set by the user, or the microphone may be turned off accidentally. In this case, the microphone cannot be used.

Solution: If you troubleshoot one, check if the microphone function is not turned on. Find the sound icon in the lower right corner of the desktop of the computer - right click and select "Adjust audio properties" to enter the audio settings interface.

Switch to the voice option, check if there is a sound device and recording device, and check if the corresponding sound is adjusted to the minimum. If there is no device, you should select the setting from the drop-down options and add the volume to the maximum. After the setting is completed, it is generally determined that the microphone device is not turned on.



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