What Equipment Is Required for Live Streaming?

- Mar 18, 2019-

Many people will ask: "What equipment does the live broadcast need?" In short, the live broadcast probably needs three things: microphone, sound card, and monitor headphones. Some devices will be different depending on the live broadcast scene.

1. Computer Live Streaming  

This type of live broadcast does not require a mobile phone connection, and only a computer can be used for live broadcast. For desktop computers and the computer motherboard has a vacant PCI slot, you can use the built-in sound card. Both external notebooks and desktop computers can be connected to the USB interface using an external sound card.

The advantages of the built-in sound card are powered by PCI or PCI-E interface, so the built-in sound card may be more professional in terms of transmission.

The external sound card can effectively prevent electromagnetic interference, which is not available in the built-in sound card, so its sound quality will be better. It is also more convenient than the built-in sound card, and it can be accessed through the USB interface.

AU A04T podcasting microphone

2. Mobile Phone Live Streaming

The mobile phone live device can be divided into no need to use the computer and need to be used with the computer. If you want to leave the computer live broadcast, you need to select the sound card that can be directly connected to the mobile phone. If the sound card you purchased is a computer sound card, you can buy a mobile live converter, so that the mobile phone can also be broadcast live with a computer sound card.

3. Game Live Streaming

The game live streaming is not as high as the K song live streaming request. In this case, you can only need some built-in sound card microphones and monitor headphones. For example, live mobile games, most of the anchors are not faceless, but live computer games. You need to buy a camera so you can interact better.

The advantage of this type of package is that you can save money on buying a sound card, and this microphone also comes with a stand, no need to buy a microphone stand, convenient and simple cost-effective.

AU A04T 1

4. Outdoor Live Broadcast

Walking on the street often will see some street performers singing, and will also broadcast live on the mobile phone. Now the street performers are getting more and more up to the trend. Outdoor bands buy equipment on demand based on the strengths of everyone in the band. If you only sing on the street, you must first purchase a microphone and stereo. Other devices have higher requirements for proper addition, such as sound cards and mixers.

5. E-commerce Live Broadcast

The e-commerce live broadcast can also be roughly divided into two categories. One is the live broadcast in a quiet indoor environment. The same conditions as the live broadcast of a computer mobile phone can be selected according to the two modules of the computer and the mobile phone live broadcast device. Second, in outdoor environments, such as streets, shopping malls and other places with large traffic, you can purchase according to the equipment of the outdoor live broadcast module.

Many e-commerce people will use multiple live broadcast platforms at the same time. In this case, you can use a sound card with multiple interfaces. The converter can increase the number of live broadcast platforms according to the needs, so that multiple platforms live broadcast can be realized.



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