What Effect Do Wires Have on Sound Systems?

- Oct 12, 2018-

In actual use, there are resistance, capacitance, inductance, etc. inside the wire, which will affect the passing music signal, making the signal under-damped in transmission, missing music information and detail blur.

Well-designed wire that delivers the clearest and lossless music signals with balanced and easy-to-control features. Any wire can be equivalent to a distributed system of resistors, capacitors and inductors due to the presence of capacitors and inductors. Therefore, the wire has its special frequency characteristics.

The basic task of the wire in the sound system is to connect different related equipment and finally make the speaker sound. High-grade wire, can maintain low self-distortion, and has the ability to resist external interference.

The speaker cable is a cable used in the audio equipment, which is specially used for connecting the amplifier to the speaker. Since the speaker cable transmits the power signal, there is not much signal loss, and the high quality speaker cable has good conductivity, and good. Conductivity makes the wire have excellent transfer capacity.



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