What Does ''VHF'' and ''UHF'' Mean for Wireless Microphones?

- May 14, 2018-

VHF Wireless Microphone: It is divided into low frequency and high frequency.

Low frequency uses VHF50MHz frequency band, because the frequency is relatively low, use the antenna length is too long, and most likely to be interfered with by various electric appliances clutter.

High-frequency use VHF200MHz frequency band, because the frequency is higher, the use of antennas is shorter, and even can be designed as a hidden antenna, convenient, safe and beautiful, greatly reduce the clutter interference of the receiver, circuit design is extremely mature, the popularity of parts low.

UHF Wireless Microphone: Use a wireless microphone with a frequency of 300-3000M. Because the interference of the V-segments and the like is avoided, the stability is greatly improved.