What does the Recording Art Include?

- Aug 07, 2018-

1. Master tape processing:

The mastering engineer can make the music sound shinier, fuller and more tensioned by precise EQ compensation correction and dynamic compression. At the same time, the mastering engineer will adjust the relative loudness and interval between each piece of the album to make the connection between the works more natural and soft.

2. Mixing:

I believe everyone is familiar with mixing. Mixing is an important step in music production. During the mixing process, the mixer will individually adjust the frequency, dynamics, positioning, and sound field of each original signal to optimize each track and then overlay it on the final product. Through this kind of processing, it is possible to create a perfect result with a clear hierarchy.

3. Pickup:

Picking up is the collection of sound in music. Although it sounds simpler, if you want to record a satisfactory voice, it requires a lot of knowledge and accumulation of time. Sometimes a small angle of the microphone makes the sound unsatisfactory, so the recording is a careful and patient work.



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