What Do You Pay Attention To When Selecting Speakers?

- Jul 17, 2018-

First, pay attention to whether the sound of the speaker output is uniform. Since the sound source of multimedia music is mainly game and general music, the proportion of high-pitched sound is large, and the bass ratio is small.

Second, pay attention to the positioning ability of the sound field. The positioning ability of the speaker is directly related to the user's playing game and the effect of watching the DVD movie.

Third, attention should be paid to the dynamic amplification limit of the speaker frequency domain. That is, when the user turns the volume of the speaker to a certain extent and exceeds a certain limit, the speaker can still maintain a uniform and clear sound source signal amplification capability in the full range.

Fourth, pay special attention to whether the speaker cabinet has resonance. Resonance occurs when a speaker with a thin cabinet or a plastic case is output at a low volume in the low frequency range below 200 Hz. The appearance of the box resonance will seriously affect the sound quality of the output, so the user should try to choose the speaker of the wooden case when selecting the speaker.

Fifth, pay attention to whether the chassis has anti-magnetic properties. Since the display is very sensitive to the surrounding magnetic field, if the magnetic field of the speaker is large, the image on the screen will be affected, and even the life of the display will be degraded, so pay special attention to the selection.

Sixth, pay attention to the airtightness of the speaker cabinet. Because the better the airtightness of the speaker, the better the output sound quality. The airtightness inspection method is very simple. The user can put his hand outside the inverted hole of the speaker. If there is obvious air rushing out or sucking in, the sealing performance of the speaker is good.



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