What Do We Need to Know about Indoor Sound Quality?

- Sep 12, 2018-

We need to design an indoor home theater. We must understand the influence of the indoor space and the selected materials on the sound field. In the requirements of the indoor environment, we need to use the "standard" body type as much as possible. The traditional "standard" body type should be rectangular, and the rectangular shape is relatively easy to deal with the circular or polygonal sound field. Acoustics The spread is also relatively easy to calculate. On the other hand, we also need to consider the relationship between the acoustic parameters of the indoor sound field and the subjective listening effect, that is, the subjective evaluation of the sound quality. This is also an extremely important link. It can be said that the quality of the indoor sound quality is ultimately determined by the subjective audience. Feeling, due to the differences in the personal feelings and appreciation of the general audience, the inconsistency in subjective evaluation is one of the important links in the performance of indoor sound quality.

Diffusion acoustic treatment, we should consider the diffusion of the environment before the indoor environment is designed for sound absorption. Reasonable diffusion acoustics can make the sound performance more balanced, to improve the uniformity of direct sound and improve the performance of the sound field. We can also deal with manual delay, artificial reverberation and other measures through the later equipment adjustment. Combined with the indoor diffusion acoustics treatment has become an important part of the home theater environment, which deserves further study.

Reasonable sound absorption processing, whether it is home theater design or hall design, it involves the sound absorption part, so the application of sound absorption and the application of sound absorbing materials are also very important. Even if there is good indoor sound quality design, if it is seriously disturbed by noise, It will also destroy the entire listening environment. In order to ensure the playing of indoor movies and the normal life of the outside world, it is necessary for us to cut off the sound in the room. On the contrary, if we control the outside world to enter the room, we can have a better viewing environment.



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