What do High Resistance and Low Resistance Inputs Mean in the Mixing Console?

- Aug 09, 2018-

The input signal of the mixing console is roughly divided into two types: low-resistance microphone signal input and high-resistance line signal input. In fact, we can regard the distinction between low resistance and high resistance as the difference between water pressure and water flow speed. For example, the high-impedance input level is high, as if the water pressure is very high, the water flow is more urgent, and it is suitable to input directly into the pool of the mixing console. It is not necessary to add any link in the middle to adjust the water pressure and water flow rate; the low-impedance input level is low, as if the water pressure is very low, the water flow is very slow, and it is not suitable to directly input it into the pool of the mixing console. We need to add a pump in the large pool to low-resistance low water. Press it to increase it and let the water flow speed up! Therefore, a special circuit amplifier is built into the mixing console's low-resistance input channel line to amplify the low level to an appropriate level. The characteristics of water use to describe low-resistance signals and high-resistance signals should be well understood. Only after clearing the high resistance and low resistance can the correct wire is selected for the corresponding connection. In general, the input jacks of the mixing console can be basically divided into three types:

1. TRS: high-impedance input part usually use 6.35cm TRS stereo connector for balanced input, try not to use 6.35 TS mono (sound) connector for unbalanced input, and now most of the audio playback devices we use such as: CD, the output signals of VCD, DVD, MD, MP3, etc. and most instruments are usually high impedance signals.

2. XLR: low resistance is usually balanced input with XLR card connector, and now most wired microphones are usually connected to the mixing console with a low-resistance jack.

3. RCA: If some mixing consoles have TAPE recording input, it is usually connected with RCA lotus connector.



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