What Are The Types Of Equalizers?

- Jun 20, 2018-

The equalizer is an electronic device that can individually adjust the amplification of various frequency component electrical signals. It compensates the defects of loudspeakers and sound fields by adjusting various electrical signals of different frequencies, and compensates and modifies various sound sources and other special effects. The equalizer on the general mixer can only adjust the high-frequency, intermediate-frequency and low-frequency frequency signals respectively. Strictly speaking, the equalizer should be used to correct the flat sound according to the frequency response curve of the sound. That is to say, the frequency response curve of the sound is not a horizontal straight line, but in order to restore the sound in real time, we can adjust the sound through the equalizer. The original curve becomes a straight line. However, most friends do not have this condition and do not know the frequency response curve of earphones or earphones, so we can only adjust according to our own hearing.

Equalizers fall into three categories: graphic equalizers, parametric equalizers, and room equalizers.


1. Graphic equalizer:

Also known as the graphic equalizer, the distribution of the push-pull keys on the panel can intuitively reflect the equalized compensation curve that is called out. The improvement and attenuation of each frequency are clear at a glance. It uses a constant Q value technique and has a push-pull at each frequency point. Potentiometers, whether boosted or attenuated at a certain frequency, the filter's frequency bandwidth is always the same. The commonly used professional graphic equalizer is to divide the 20Hz~20kHz signal into 10 sections, 15 sections, 27 sections, and 31 sections for adjustment. In this way, people choose different frequency equalizers according to different requirements. In general, the 10-band equalizer frequency points are distributed at octave intervals. In normal situations, the 15-band equalizer is a 2/3-octave equalizer. For professional sound reinforcement, the 31-band equalizer is 1 /3 octave equalizers, most of which are used in more important situations requiring fine compensation, the graphic equalizer has a simple structure and is intuitive and clear, so it is widely used in professional audio applications.


2. Parametric equalizer:

Also known as the parametric equalizer, equalizers that can be finely tuned for various parameters of equalization adjustment are attached to the mixing console, but they also have independent parametric equalizers. The parameters of the adjustment include the frequency band, frequency point, gain, and quality. Factors such as Q value, can beautify (including uglify) and modify the sound, make the sound (or music) style more prominent and colorful, rich and colorful to achieve the desired artistic effect.


3. Room equalizer:

The equalizer used to adjust the frequency response characteristic curve in the room, due to the different absorption (or reflection) amount of the decorative material at different frequencies and the acoustic resonance due to the effect of the normal resonance, the room equalizer must be used for the acoustic construction. Frequency defects are compensated and adjusted objectively. The finer the frequency band, the sharper the adjustment peak, that is, the higher the Q factor (Quality Factor), the finer the compensation when adjusting, the thicker the band, the wider the adjustment peak, and the more complex the transmission frequency characteristic curve of the sound field. It is more difficult to compensate.



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