What Are the Tone Tuning Points to Master When Operating the Sound Console?

- Sep 10, 2018-

1. The karaoke tone tuning staff works in the control room. When tone tuning, you should use the monitor speakers and monitor headphones to monitor the main channel and the listening channel respectively. The tuner should be familiar with the relationship between the monitor sound and the live sound. The sound quality adjustment is largely based on the individual's hearing.

2. Use a compressor and an exciter to increase the loudness and aesthetics of the sound. The adjustment of the exciter is mainly for hearing, and the sound should be adjusted to be full and pleasing according to the instruction manual of the device.

3. Beautify the song with reverberation. For non-professional singers, the reverberation should be appropriately increased to cover up the noise and vocal defects.

4. When the volume is low, pay attention to raise the low frequency and high frequency; when the volume is large, raise the intermediate frequency appropriately to enhance the brightness of the sound.

5. Tone tuning is based on singing. Before the song appeared, gradually lower the accompaniment to highlight the song. The low frequency should be attenuated by 3-5dB, the high frequency above 7KHz should be attenuated by 3dB, the middle and low frequency can be increased by 200Hz, and the 2-6KHz can be increased by 3-6dB. For disco or rock music, pay attention to the high frequency (40-100Hz) and high frequency (7-20KHz).

6. Do not slam the compensation button when raising the bass to avoid damage to the amplifier and speakers due to excessive power output. The same is true for the low frequency adjustment of the equalizer.

7. If the sound feedback whistling sound occurs, the total volume fader of the sound station should be quickly pulled down to remove the howling sound, and then the cause is found and then pushed up gradually.

8. When the main channel fails to be delivered, the rotation angle of the returning speaker can be temporarily replaced by the main channel, so that the singing can continue. The microphone for singing should have a backup, and the backup can be replaced when the microphone is silent. The DVD player should also have a backup, which can be replaced by a backup when the DVD player fails.



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