What Are the Techniques of Choral Recording?

- Sep 26, 2018-

There is no really strict rule on how to place a microphone recording in a chorus. The requirement is to balance the sound, natural and high gain before the signal is fed back. Although in some cases, the correct use of large diaphragm microphones (capacitors or moving coils) can be effective, however, the most common microphone used in chorus recording is the small diaphragm condenser microphone specifically designed for it.

The small condenser microphone used for chorus has a heart-shaped (occasionally super-cardioid) mode, which suppresses noise, has a wide pickup angle, good coverage, and has a strong low-frequency response.

These small condenser microphones are suspended above the chorus and can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a microphone stand. A key element in placing a microphone is that it gains enough gain before signal feedback while maintaining the sound balance of the entire chorus. Try to follow the standard 3:1 microphone placement rules within the limits of the unique challenges each microphone can face.

Essentially, the distance between the microphones is at least three times the distance between each microphone and the corresponding player, so the leaking sound signal from the remote player is reduced by about 10 dB after being picked up by the close-range player's microphone. - The sound of the leak after the reduction is small and will have no effect.

Regarding the height of the microphone placement, practitioners have different opinions. Some people suggest placing them at the same height as the highest singer in the back row, while others recommend adding another 2 to 3 feet at that height. In short, raising the height of the microphone helps keep the distance between all the singers and the microphones nearly equal, preventing the front singer's voice from overshadowing the back.



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