What Are the Sound Card Interface Types?

- Jul 30, 2018-

1. Line type input interface, labeled "Line In". The Line In port inputs sound and music signals of good quality and records the signal into a file through the control of the computer. Usually this port is used for external auxiliary audio sources such as audio output from DVD players, radios, VCRs and VCD playback cards.

2. Linear output port, labeled "Line Out". It is used for external speaker amplifiers or speakers with amplifiers.

3. The second line type output port is generally used to connect rear speakers with more than four channels.

4. Microphone input port, labeled "Mic In". It is used to connect a microphone (microphone) and can record your own voice to achieve the basic "karaoke function".

5. Speaker output port, labeled "Speaker" or "SPK". It is used to plug in the audio cable plug of an external speaker.

6. MIDI and game rocker interface, labeled "MIDI". Almost all sound cards have a game rocker interface for game software such as simulated flight and simulated driving. This interface shares a 15-pin D-type connector with the MIDI instrument interface. The MIDI interface of the high-end sound card may have other forms. ). The interface can be equipped with a joystick, an analog steering wheel, or a MIDI interface on an electronic instrument for direct transmission of MIDI music signals.



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