What Are the Skills of Recording Pop Songs?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Compared with live singing, recordings pay more attention to detail than live singing. If the same song is interpreted, the live performance is to attract the audience through the combination of sound, emotion and form. It requires more auditory and visual cooperation, and pays more attention to the nutrition of the scene atmosphere, even in emotional or the sound is greatly discounted; after all, it is also a one-time concert. When recording, the singer should not only have a good vocal skill, but also have the ability to control the small links of the singing, both delicate and unpretentious.

First of all, when recording, the singer must first accurately control the breath. The breath is not only closely related to emotions, but also the relationship between breath and pitch is also closely related, especially when singing the long sound of a song or the ending of a phrase. Control is especially important. If the breath is not well controlled, it will cause the sound to fall and the pitch will be low. Therefore, when singing long sounds, you must sing the time value and drag the long or tail pitch under the natural breath. The right amount of breath is the key to determining the quality of the recording.

Secondly, when recording, the singer should also have reasonable control over the microphone. The recording microphone and the live microphone are very different. The recording microphones in the regular studio are all condenser microphones. The sensitivity is much better than that of the hand-held dynamic microphone. Therefore, in front of the recording microphone, the singer’s sound is almost "naked" and any problems can be exposed in the recording.



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