What Are the Problems with Interfering with Conference Audio?

- Sep 05, 2018-

1. The noise is large, which affects the clarity, softness and brightness of the sound. In severe cases, it will cover the sound of the venue. Background noise. The background noise occurs due to excessive gain, automatic gain control, impedance mismatch, and the like. The microphone "bounces". The microphone is the first link of the sound reinforcement system. The quality of the signal directly affects the whole conference effect. Therefore, it should be reasonably selected according to its characteristics and performance, the characteristics of the sound source reproduction and the relative relationship between the sound sources. For speakers with strong breaks, you should use a microphone that is resistant to "pop".

2. The distortion is large; it is related to the nonlinear distortion of the device and human factors. It is characterized by hoarseness, breakage, and sharp thorns. In severe cases, it affects the clarity, softness, brightness, fullness and sense of the sound. The causes of distortion are various, such as the sensitivity of the microphone is too high, the placement position is not suitable, the microphone with phantom power is not powered properly, the level of the mixer is too large, the adjustment of the equalizer is not appropriate, and the device is the impedance between the two does not match.

3. The level is not standardized. No adjustments were made to the mixer, equalizer, etc. before commissioning, causing the signal level to be too high or too low. In addition, the unbalanced line output is directly connected to the balanced line input, causing the signal level to drop.

4. The frequency response is uneven. It is related to the frequency response index and human factors of the device. For example, the microphone pointing away from the sound source, the intermediate frequency and low frequency attenuation are too much, and the microphone transmission line is too long, etc., all of which will affect the clarity, layering and fullness of the sound reproduction.

5. The sound ratio is out of balance. If the proportion of the sound between the general control room, the main venue, and the sub-meeting venue is out of balance, it will affect the balance of remote sounds restored by other sub-sites, resulting in a decline in the overall effectiveness of the conference.

6. The reverberation delay is not appropriate. Different conference types and pickup environments have different requirements for reverberation and delay, so the parameters of reverberation and delay are adjusted according to acoustic characteristics. The size of the venue affects the time of reflection and the sense of time in the sound field reverberation. The reverberation time reflects the process of the sound diffusing from the sound source through the surrounding absorption and reflection. The reverberation time depends on the size of the venue. The larger the space is, the greater the reverberation time. It is necessary to make up and modify the defects of certain sounds through audio processing equipment, but if it is not properly adjusted, it will be counterproductive. If the reverberation time is too long, the sound will have a "cloudy" feeling, so it is necessary to combine the actual and reasonable to add the reverberation effect to enhance the depth of the sound. The same is true for delay processing. The frequency characteristics of the reverb reflect the reverberation effect and sound quality of the sound at different frequencies. To familiarize yourself with the frequency characteristics of the reverb, adjust the ratio of the microphone to the direct and reflected sounds to increase the realism and clarity of the sound. Sound diffusion is a parameter that reflects the acoustic characteristics of the venue. It is necessary to properly set the microphone to compensate for the defects of the site's sound diffusion conditions, while avoiding the direction of the vibrating echo region and strong reflection.



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