What Are the Pickup Techniques in the Recording?

- Aug 07, 2018-

1. Single vocal pickup: The simplest vocal pickup is to use a MIC to record a person's voice, to adjust the MIC to a heart shape, or to super-heart-shaped pointing, so that the mouth of the person can directly face the microphone. The most common recording method, the mouth leaves the MIC about 20 cm, and tells the singer not to sway or sway when singing. This is good for some singers who don't have much recording experience.

2. Picking up the vocals of the Bel Canto: Recording the vocal singing method, do not need any intimacy, the most important thing is to make the vocals smooth, clean, and try to reduce the sound of breathing. Then, when recording bel canto, the distance between the mouth and the MIC can be 40 to 50 cm, as long as your MIC has enough picking ability and your recording environment is good enough.

3. Pick up more detailed vocals: to do this, the first is to be in a very good pickup environment, otherwise, the details are not recorded, and the noise will increase a lot.



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