What Are the Implementations Methods of Video Conferencing?

- Jul 17, 2018-

At present, there are three ways to implement video conferencing: (1) TV live video conferences commonly used in radio and television systems (TV stations); (2) VOD video transmission video conferencing systems in MPEG1 and MPEG2 compression formats; (3) ITU (International Telecommunications Union) A video conferencing system based on the H.320/H.323 specification of the H.261/H.263 video compression scheme proposed.

What kind of video conferencing system do we need? The first is a video conferencing system that is affordable and can be used and used by most industry users. Secondly, technical indicators: high-quality image/sound transmission but the lower the bandwidth, the better; two-way interaction, need to support long-time boot work (low power consumption); simple operation, no professional knowledge, no mistakes in manipulation; No control system, not afraid of virus attack, not afraid of sudden power outage, should have multiple network interfaces (ISDN, IP, V.35, E1/T1), with adaptive function, fully intelligent, not messy and reliable, low repair rate and so on.



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