What Are the Features of USB Condenser Microphone?

- Nov 07, 2018-

1. It can show the characteristics of original sound reproduction. From the basic design principle of microphone, it is not difficult to find that condenser microphone not only relies on sophisticated mechanism manufacturing technology, but also combines complex electronic circuits to directly convert sound into electric energy signal. It has extremely superior characteristics.

2. With a very wide frequency response, the diaphragm is the main component of the microphone to sense sound and convert it into electrical energy signals. The material and mechanism design of the diaphragm are the characteristics that determine the sound quality of the microphone. Since the diaphragm of the condenser microphone can be made of extremely thin and light materials, and the sensed sound pressure is directly converted into an audio signal, the frequency response bass can be extended to an ultra-low frequency below 10 Hz, and the high sound can easily reach tens of KHz ultrasonic, showing a very wide frequency response.

3. With super high sensitivity

Because there is no voice coil load on the diaphragm, it can be extremely thin and light, so it not only has excellent frequency response, but also has excellent sensitivity. It can sense very weak sound waves and output the clearest, finer and more accurate original sound.

4. With the characteristics of ultra-low touch noise, the touch noise generated by the contact with the palm when using the hand microphone makes the original sound mixed with extra noise, which has a great influence on the sound quality, especially for the wireless microphone with the preamplifier circuit. Serious, so touch noise becomes an important item to judge the pros and cons of the microphone. The diaphragm of the condenser microphone is relatively light, and it has the excellent feature of "ultra-low touch noise".

5. With resistance to impact and impact resistance

The use of a microphone inevitably leads to malfunction or abnormality due to accidental drop collision. Since the condenser head is made up of light plastic parts and a sturdy light metal casing, the impact force on the ground is small, and the failure rate of damage is low.

6. Small size and light weight

Due to its ultra-thin diaphragm, the condenser microphone has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high sensitivity and excellent frequency response, so it can be designed into a wide range of applications for ultra-small microphones.



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