What Are the Features of Telephone Headsets?

- Nov 07, 2018-

Telephone headsets are designed for voice transmission and are primarily connected to telephone boxes or computers for use in offices and call centers.


1. The bandwidth is narrow and designed for the frequency of the voice. The working distance of the telephone headset is 300-3000 Hz, and more than 93% of the voice energy is concentrated here. Therefore, the fidelity of the voice is excellent, and at the same time, the other frequency bands are strongly suppressed.

2. The microphone adopts professional electret microphone and works stably. Ordinary microphones tend to have reduced sensitivity and distortion of sound after a period of operation. This is not the case with a professional telephone headset.

3. Light weight and high durability. Because users need to use headsets for a long time, professional telephone headsets take into account both comfort and high performance.

4. Safety first. Everyone knows that using headphones for a long time can cause hearing damage. In order to reduce hearing damage, the telephone headset has designed the necessary protection circuits on the circuit to ensure that it meets international standards.

5. The use of telephone headsets can not only improve work efficiency, but also save business costs.



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