What Are the Characteristics of Passive Radiator Speakers?

- Oct 15, 2018-

The passive radiator speaker is also called the empty paper cone speaker. It is actually a variant of the inverter box. Its working principle is very similar to that of the phase inversion box, except that the passive radiator is used instead of the inverter tube. The structure of the passive radiator is similar to that of the horn unit. There are diaphragms for folding and radiating sound waves, but there is no voice coil and magnetic circuit system. The movement of the diaphragm is completely affected by the box and the low frequency response is obtained. The efficiency is also compared. High, but it also has the characteristics that distinguish it from the inverting box. The better than the inverting box treatment overcomes the problem that the phase inversion is easy to produce the airflow noise box, but the passive radiator speaker has a steeper low frequency attenuation characteristic than the inverter box, meaning that the transient response is worse than the inverter box. The Polk Audio is the most representative manufacturer of passive radiator speakers.



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