What Are the Categories of Home KTV Speakers?

- Jul 18, 2018-

1. Classified by responsibilities: can be divided into main speakers, center speakers and surround speakers.

(1) The main speaker

The main speaker is the mainstay of the home KTV sound system. The sound and music accompanying the video picture are sent from the main speaker, which can show the sound effect of the movie.

(2) The center speaker

The center speaker usually has only one speaker, which is second only to the main speaker. It is mainly responsible for the dialogue of all the main vocals in the movie.

(3) The surround speakers

The number of surround speakers depends on the situation. A 5.1-channel home theater generally requires 2 surround speakers, and a 7.1-channel requires 4, and as the technology develops, more numbers may be required. Surround speakers create a sense of surround sound, making the viewers feel like they are in the film for a more authentic experience.

Since each speaker has different responsibilities, their placement is also important. Be sure to pay attention to the correct position when using.

(4) Subwoofer

The subwoofer is mainly responsible for the subwoofer channel, generally below 200HZ. This low-frequency sound is between the sound and the airflow, allowing you to feel the wind and the same airflow while feeling the roar. The role of the subwoofer is to create a sound effect similar to an explosion in a movie.

2. According to the classification of the amplifier: can be divided into active speakers and passive speakers.

(1) The active speakers

Active speakers include multimedia computer speakers, active subwoofers, and some new home theater active speakers. There are also professional recording monitors with built-in amplifier circuits and electronic crossover speakers with built-in electronic crossover circuits and amplifiers.

When using active speakers, it is not necessary to consider the problem of matching with the amplifier, because the built-in amplifier circuit is also easy to drive directly with lower level audio signals.

Active speakers usually include parameters such as the output power of the built-in amplifier, input impedance, and input signal level. Active subwoofers also include parameters such as the frequency characteristics of the input signal and the characteristics of the low-pass filter.

(2) The passive speakers

Passive speakers refer to ordinary KTV speakers without a power amplifier circuit. Although passive speakers do not have an amplifier, they usually have a crossover network and an impedance compensation circuit.

Passive speakers generally have parameters such as impedance, power, and frequency range.

3. According to the audio frequency classification: can be divided into full-band speakers, subwoofers and subwoofers.

(1) Full-band speaker

Speakers that cover the mid-high and low-range range are full-range speakers. Its lower limit frequency is generally 30Hz-60Hz, and the upper limit frequency is 15KHz-20KHz. In a small and medium-sized family KTV sound system, only one or two pairs of full-band speakers are fully used.

(2) Bass and subwoofer

The function of the bass and subwoofer is to complement the low frequency and ultra low frequency playback of the full band speakers. These two types of speakers are generally used in large and medium-sized audio systems to enhance the intensity and shock of low-frequency playback.



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