What Are the Basic Configurations of Stage Sound?

- Aug 21, 2018-

A good stage performance is a must for professional stage sound equipment. At present, there are many kinds of stage audio equipment on the market, and the functions are different, which brings certain difficulties to the selection of audio equipment. Under normal circumstances, professional stage audio equipment is made up of microphone + mixer + amplifier + speaker. In addition to the microphone, the audio source sometimes requires a DVD, a computer to play music, etc., or just a computer. However, if it is a professional stage sound effect, in addition to the need for professional stage construction staff, it is necessary to add audio equipment such as effects, timing, equalizer, voltage limiter and so on.

Below we will introduce in detail the equipment of professional stage sound.

1. Mixer

It has multiple channel inputs; each channel's sound can be processed separately, and has a sound mixing device for left, right channel, mix, monitor, etc. It is an important device for sound and sound creation by sound engineers, sound engineers and composers.

2. Post-amplifier

It converts the audio voltage signal into a device that uses a constant power signal to drive the speaker to sound. The matching condition of the power amplifier is that the output impedance of the power amplifier is equal to the load impedance of the speaker, and the output power of the power amplifier matches the nominal power of the speaker.

3. Reverberator

In the dance hall sound system and the large stage lighting concert venue, a very important part is the reverberation of the human voice. After the reverberation of the human voice, it can produce an electronic sound aesthetic, which makes the song have a unique charm. It can mask some of the flaws in the voices of some amateur singers, such as hoarseness, throat sounds and noisy vocal murmurs, so that the sound is not so ugly. In addition, the reverberation sound can also compensate for the phenomenon that the amateur singer is not rich in overtones due to the lack of special vocal training. This is very important for the effect of the stage lighting concert.

4. Frequency divider

A circuit or device that implements frequency division is called a frequency divider. There are many types of frequency dividers, and there are two types of sinusoidal frequency division and pulse frequency division according to the waveform of the frequency division signal. Its basic function is to divide the full-band audio signal into different frequency bands according to the requirements of the combined speaker, so that the speaker unit obtains the excitation signal of the appropriate frequency band and works in an optimal state.

5. Transposer

Because people's voice conditions are different, the tone requirements for the accompaniment music are also inconsistent during the singing. Some people want to be lower, while others need to be higher. In this way, the tone of the accompaniment music should be adapted to the requirements of the singer; otherwise the singing and the accompaniment will be very discordant. If you use an accompaniment band, you will need to use a pitcher for transposition processing.

6. The limiter

It is a general term for the combination of a compressor and a limiter. Its main function is to protect the amplifier and speakers (speakers) and create special sound effects.

7. The effect

Provides sound field effects, including reverb, delay, echo, and audio equipment that specializes in sound processing.

8. Equalizer

It is a device that boosts, attenuates, and adjusts the bass, midrange, and treble ratios of different frequencies.

9. Loudspeaker and speaker

A loudspeaker is a device that converts an electrical signal into an acoustic signal. According to the principle, there are electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric ceramic electrostatic and pneumatic.



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