What are the advantages of wired microphones over wireless microphones?

- Apr 19, 2018-

1, the front is affected by the volume of static, etc. is just a compromise design

2, analog fm has a dynamic limit is about 50-70db, need to rely on pre-emphasis de-emphasis and compression and expansion are located in the transmit and receive segments as "complementary" noise reduction, reducing the inherent noise floor of the wireless channel, the side effect is the attendant respite Feelings, the momentary side-effects of compression-enhancement start-up and recovery times, and the sound of vocals and stable instrumental sounds are not yet serious, but percussion has similar fatal problems.

3, digital wireless as a whole can abandon the analog dynamic amplitude companding, but some pure digital wireless data compression compression damage quality, and this type of digital wireless in accordance with pcm, there is a sampling frequency and quantization bit precision limit, the current level is not Will reach the quality of 48k24b, high sampling follow-up system is no good, wired microphone, of course, is not this limit.

4, anti-jamming and confidentiality security is also the advantage of wired microphones.