What Are the Advantages of the In-ear Personal Monitoring System?

- Jul 16, 2018-

Compared to the wedge monitoring system, the in-ear personal monitoring system has its unparalleled advantages.

1. Create excellent sound quality

When using wedge monitoring, the singer can't hear his own voice unless the volume is constantly increased, and the hearing is extremely vulnerable. In-ear monitoring can deliver continuous and clear sound to the singer in the performance, and protect the hearing, reduce vocal fatigue, and allow the singer to control the performance according to the sound heard.

2. The optimal volume level

Most of the time, singers can only rely on the stage monitoring system to hear their own voices, but when other instruments are added to the monitor mix, the clarity of the vocals tends to get worse. At this time, the in-ear personal monitoring system can provide the studio with the sound of the studio quality in this situation, and freely choose to handle the mixing monitoring effect according to individual needs, without requiring the monitoring engineer to adjust his own voice.

3. Eliminate feedback

When the sound of the gain is picked up by the microphone through the speaker and then gained, feedback is generated, and the resulting click is objectionable. When a band asks an engineer to increase their microphone volume, feedback is inevitable. The in-ear monitor closes the "speaker" in the singer's ear canal, completely breaking the feedback loop, allowing the singer to get the volume he wants as needed.

4. Protect hearing

Prolonged exposure to high sound levels can damage both ears, and even the best earmuffs do not change the flat response to protect hearing. The in-ear personal monitoring system provides hearing protection similar to earplugs, protecting the ear from external noise. In addition, the singer can adjust the volume to a safe level through the remote control in his hand.

5. Reduce vocal fatigue

Even the most powerful singers can't compare with the guitar and drum sounds after the gain. When the singers can't hear themselves through the monitoring system, they usually use more force to make sounds. The in-ear monitoring system allows the singer to clearly hear his voice while singing, avoiding the vocal damage caused by excessive force.



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