What Are the Advantages of Bluetooth Headset?

- Aug 17, 2018-

When the Bluetooth headset was born, it symbolized the arrival of a new and more innovative technological product. The Bluetooth headset does bring a lot of convenience to people in many places and has won the favor of many people. So what are the advantages of Bluetooth headsets compared to traditional headsets?

First of all, Bluetooth headsets have the portability of wireless devices compared to wired headsets, while professional Bluetooth headsets can also implement more functions, such as redial, call retention and rejection, compared to the cable provided with the phone. In addition to the powerful functions of the earphones, Bluetooth headsets have become more and more daily with the advancement of society, so the price tends to be more affordable, and the shape and materials are superior.

Secondly, the wireless Bluetooth headset adopts isolation measures to separate the mobile phone that may have "radiation pollution" from the human body through the Bluetooth headset, and to allow the mobile phone to be outside the human body in a handbag or table, within an acceptable range. Thereby avoiding the various hazards that the mobile phone may pose to the human body, and it is more conducive to people's health. This is something that wired headsets can't do, because the lines of headphones are very short and very limited, and it is impossible to be so far away from the human body.

It should be noted that there are many brands of Bluetooth headsets, and the quality is also uneven, resulting in a wide gap in the price of Bluetooth headsets. So what do you need to pay attention to when purchasing such a call Bluetooth headset?

First, the compatibility of Bluetooth headsets. Before purchasing a Bluetooth headset, be sure to check whether the optional Bluetooth headset brand supports your mobile phone. If the Bluetooth headset is not compatible with the phone, the call quality will be very poor and the meaning of the Bluetooth headset will be lost.

Second, the transmission distance of the Bluetooth headset. The transmission distance of Bluetooth headsets depends mainly on the advanced level of Bluetooth technology. Generally, when the phone is connected, the distance between the mobile phone and the Bluetooth headset is within 10 meters, and the optimal transmission distance is between 2-3 meters.

Third, the wearing comfort of the Bluetooth headset.

Fourth, the standby time of the Bluetooth headset and the quality of the call. The length of the standby time directly affects the satisfaction of using the Bluetooth headset. If the Bluetooth headset has a long standby time, it will avoid the trouble of always charging.



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