What Are Noise-canceling Headphones?

- Aug 16, 2018-

Noise-canceling headphones, literally we can understand that headphones can reduce noise. Noise-canceling headphones can be divided into "active noise reduction" and "passive noise reduction" headphones. The noise-canceling earphone can eliminate the environmental noise, provide a quiet and peaceful listening environment for the earphone user, and can avoid the behavior of having to increase the volume of the music due to the interference of the environmental noise, and has a certain protection effect on the hearing of the human ear.

In life, if you are a business person, or a friend who often travels on an airplane, I believe that there should be a personal experience of aircraft noise. The reason why the aircraft is so tired is that it has a great correlation with the long-term noise environment. In addition to causing damage to human hearing, the roar of the engine will also have a great impact on the entire human physiological environment, leading to psychological and mental fatigue and fatigue. In the long run, fatigue will occur. Therefore, at this time, if there is an active noise-canceling earphone, it can be very good to avoid these situations.

Passive noise reduction is a general term for using a combination of composite materials such as plastics, foam, and mesh to achieve a simple physical noise reduction method, such as US military headphones that we often see on TV, or used by airport ground staff. The earphones with large earmuffs are basically passive noise-canceling headphones. Passive noise reduction headphones mainly rely on good airtightness and material properties to keep noise out, but passive noise reduction can only be used for higher frequency sounds above 500Hz, especially for noise above 1KHz. Headphones will exhibit some passive noise reduction, but it will cost a lot to get better noise reduction and low frequency noise. It is also because passive noise reduction is powerless for many low-frequency noises, which has contributed to the development of active noise reduction.



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