What Are Digital Audio Interfaces?

- Jul 09, 2018-

Common digital audio interfaces include I2S interface, PCM interface and SPDIF interface. Here is a brief introduction.

I2S interface: It can only transmit digital audio in mono or two-channel stereo, and the data format is PCM format. The interface is derived from three categories: left-justified format, right-aligned format, and I2S format. I2S time difference performance is better than SPDIF, suitable for short-distance communication.

PCM interface: it is also called DSP mode audio interface. It is generally used to transmit digital audio in mono or two-channel stereo, but theoretically it can also transmit multi-channel digital audio. The data format is PCM format.

SPDIF interface: SPDIF (Sony Phillips Digital Interface) SONY, PHILIPS digital audio interface. Its transmission carrier has two kinds of coaxial and optical fibers, and the latter has stronger anti-interference ability. SPDIF can transmit PCM streams and also transmit surround sound compressed audio signals such as Dolby Digital and DTS. The PCM stream is the original, uncompressed audio signal, and the Dolby Digital and DTS are also derived from the PCM stream.



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