What Are Amplifier Emulators?

- Oct 19, 2018-

Amplifier Emulators raises the DI box to another level, not just connecting the electro-acoustic instrument to the console or the host without a microphone, but also connecting the sound directly to the amplifier and speakers.

Precautions when using:

1. The simulator can copy the sounds of different electric guitars and electric basses, imitate the sound of guitar speakers, and even imitate the feeling of certain recording schemes.

2. The advantage of the simulator is that it provides convenient and quick settings, provides a wide selection of sounds, and provides a suitable interface for any recording device.

3. Although it may not be as true as recording a guitar speaker in a professional studio, due to the good signal link, the simulator can provide a good alternative when you are missing some equipment.

A few tips for using an amplifier emulator:

1. Use spring reverb or room reverb with impulse response reverb plug-ins (such as Altiverb or TL Space) to make the sound more realistic.

2. If you are recording directly with your computer and then using the amplifier simulator, use a short line to prevent current sounds.

3. Most of the amplifier simulators are better under high energy signals. The louder the sound is, the better the sound of the speaker simulator.

4. Let the input increase to distortion first, and then adjust it back a bit.

5. If you are recording directly with your computer, listen to the sound from the computer and find a region with the least noise and the best recording area around the computer.

With these tips, you can get the most realistic sound from the amplifier simulator.



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